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How to Find Your Tribe in Varsity

Trying to find your tribe in varsity might seem daunting, if not downright terrifying.

How do you know if you’re making the right friends? What if no one wants to be friends with you? Where do you even start? Well, you aren’t going to know unless you give it a fair shot.

Here are some tips to get you on the path to find your tribe.

Talk To Someone

This shouldn’t be surprising. How are you going to find your tribe if you never actually speak to anyone? You don’t need to have a list of conversational topics stashed in your pocket; just work with what you’ve got.

If you see someone with a funky hairstyle or a shirt with a hilarious caption on it, go tell them. Saying “Hey, I like your hair” isn’t going to kill you. And you never know, this random human you’ve just complimented could become your best friend.

Set Expectations

You’re allowed to have expectations. If you’re not the type of person to stay in and read a book, then don’t look for someone that wants to read a book and stay indoors all the time. Or maybe you like staying in and watching Netflix, so don’t look for someone who’s always trying to drag you out of the dorm.

It’s always good to have a variety of friends, and these friends might help you find your tribe later on, but if you don’t like specific traits in prospective friends then don’t actively seek out those people. We’re looking to find our tribe, not someone else’s.

Say Yes More

You don’t have to go crazy but if someone invites you out, go for it. Try stepping out of your comfort zone every now and then. You may not feel like going to that party in someone’s dorm room but you never know, maybe you’ll find a part of your tribe hanging out in the corner. If you agree to go places and let your personality shine, you’ll find your tribe in no time; and maybe make some insane memories at the same time.

Psychology Today makes an important point by saying, “Values, character, and purpose-driven callings are more likely to matter than common interests alone.”

Hopefully making new friends doesn’t seem as complicated as you’ve made it out to be in your head. Now that you know one or two things about finding friends suited specifically to you, you can go out there and find your tribe.