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Student Room Hygiene: What’s Lurking in Your Carpet?

We get it, being a student is hard work. The last thing you want to be concentrating on is how clean your room is. You might not even think about how clean your carpet is. But let us explain why student room hygiene is so important, and why you might want – in fact – to clean your carpet.

What’s Actually in My Carpet?

A lot. Obviously, there’s dust and dead skin cells, but what you might not have given much thought to is that there’s also bacteria – a lot of it. Some other undesirables that are commonly found in carpets are:

  • Coli
  • Salmonella
  • Dust mites
  • Carpet moths
  • Mould

No matter who you are, we’re pretty sure that you don’t love the idea of all of that in your carpet!

Maybe you have a dog. You take it for its daily walk outside and you come back home and chill on the couch. Both you and your dog have just tracked in even more bacteria which is now getting itself rather comfortable in your carpet.

“But if I can’t see any of this, can it really be that much of a problem.” Yes, it can be quite problematic and if you want good student room hygiene, you might want to find out why.

Why Do I Need a Clean Carpet?

Well, having a clean carpet is nice. You don’t end up standing on bits of food or getting hair stuck to the bottom of your socks. You enjoy good student room hygiene and you also don’t get bacterial infections – which is nice.

But all of these things shouldn’t be what’s worrying you; it’s the allergens.

Maybe you’re just in your room, studying for a test when all of a sudden you have the sniffles. Whilst having the sniffles won’t kill you, constantly sneezing will get boring pretty quickly. Pet hair, dust and random bacteria that are currently in your carpet can cause respiratory issues such as sneezing, coughing and wheezing. So maybe having a clean carpet is worth it.

But I Vacuum…

Congratulations on having good student room hygiene, but unfortunately that might not be enough. Vacuuming your carpet weekly is a good habit to have and it also gets rid of some of the bacteria and bugs living there.

Some of them.

Getting a professional carpet cleaner (a professional, not looking up some cool hack on social media) to come to your house once every few months to come through and clean your carpets will make sure that the bacteria and all that other gross stuff in your carpets are kept to a minimum, and you can say goodbye to carpet bacteria-induced sniffles.

Student room hygiene is important. Not only for a clean state of mind but also for a clean carpet.

Yes, cleaning can be a nuisance, but coughing and wheezing all the time can be an even bigger nuisance. So perhaps it’s time to clean that carpet?