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Why Does Self-Control Equal Success in University?

Self-control is something that most people struggle with., not just university students.

What a lot of people don’t do is find out how they can use self-control and self-discipline to better themselves and achieve their goals. But before we can work on using self-control to make our lives easier, we first need to understand what it is.

What is Self-Control and What is Self Discipline?

Self-control and self-discipline go hand in hand in a schooling environment. Whilst they could be mistaken for one another there is, in fact, a difference between the two.

Self-control is usually defined as controlling your behaviour so that you can achieve goals and avoid certain temptations.

Self-discipline, on the other hand, is when you know you need to do something but you actually have to get up and do it. And you do!

It’s a fine line, but there it is. Let’s find out how to use them to achieve success.

How to Improve Self-Discipline

Unfortunately, self-discipline isn’t something you wake up with one morning nor is it something that’s easily acquirable. But with a good knowledge of your strengths, a well thought out plan and a can-do attitude, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.

Whilst all of this doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye, here are a few tips to help you, as a student, to get started and that will make your journey that much easier:

  • Make sure to take notes that you can use for studying later on
  • Set up a designated area for studying and other work you would need to do
  • Make sure you have your deadlines added to a calendar or diary so that you can keep track of all your tasks
  • Keep all distractions, such as your phone, away from your workspace so you don’t get, you know, distracted

Benefits of Self-Control

Now you may be wondering, “How does having self-control help me in the real world?”

Well, for starters, you’ll feel like you have more control over your life. You’ll slowly lessen your need to procrastinate and you’ll feel more satisfied with the outcomes of your work. Working towards and completing goals will be easier and you might even feel more motivated to set yourself bigger goals because you know you can accomplish them.

The world will have opened up so many new opportunities for the taking and all you’ll have to do is work for it.

Now you know what self-control is and you know what self-discipline is. You also know how to improve them and how they benefit you.

All you need to do now is take what you’ve learned and go make life easier for yourself.