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Why Being Different is a Challenge Worth Pursuing

When you enter university, you’ll find that most people want to fit in and be accepted by the majority. That’s not a bad thing; we were created as social beings with the need for acceptance and it is a healthy way to deal with life.

Why, though, are we talking about being different?

Well, following the crowd and fitting in may work for some, but it doesn’t necessarily make you a better person. Here are a few ideas that may be worth considering.

Like Attracts Like

It’s terribly liberating when you allow yourself to be uniquely you, and this is likely different from everyone else. When you aren’t trying to be something that you’re not or do things that you don’t enjoy. However, the best part of walking this path is that you draw people to you who have similar interests, or similar value systems. You don’t have to waste time getting rid of people who don’t resonate with you.

Remember this little gem when you go out into the world of work and look for a job. If you try to be something that you’re not, then you may well find yourself in a position that demands things from you that are difficult to give.

You’re Comfort Zone

When you are in the company of close friends or family, you tend to feel more relaxed. That’s because you are in your comfort zone, a space where you can say what you think and feel and be okay with that.

Why not be in this comfortable space all the time? You’ll enjoy less anxiety, find it easier to communicate, and not have to live up to other people’s unrealistic expectations.

Leverage Your Natural Talents

Being yourself allows you to make the best of your natural talents. We all have that special something that sets us apart; perhaps we make people feel good about themselves, we’re always positive, or we have great ideas. Whatever your natural talents are, they are more likely to surface if you allow yourself the freedom to be different from everyone else.

Being different from the crowd is a strength that not many have the courage to master. But when you do, you’ll find a whole world of opportunity and a group of the right friends. Worth considering, don’t you think?