Capetown Student Accomodation

What Are the Real Benefits of Student Accommodation?

Do I really want to live on campus? Will I be missing out if I don’t?

We’re sure that these and many other questions will have surfaced when considering the move to another city to attend varsity. 

As with any big decision, there are pros and cons, and much of the decision you make will depend on who you are and what you want out of student life. 

Student Accommodation Benefits

A healthy chunk of students will be attending a university in another city or even another province. That means all sorts of changes, and many of them aren’t going to be easy, cheap, or comfortable. But once you’ve taken the time to examine what student accommodation offers, we’re sure the decision will be a whole lot easier. 


One of the best things to come out of your time at university will certainly be the friends and connections that you make. 

For those students choosing to live on or near campus, social opportunities abound. You’ll find common areas to meet and study, you may find that your roommate becomes your best friend, and you’ll find it easy to forge new relationships being in close proximity to others. 

All-inclusive accommodation

Moving out of home for the first time is nothing if not terrifying. This is why so many students opt for an all-inclusive room that covers rent, utilities, internet, and often regular cleaning.

This allows you to budget your cash and avoids unexpected surprises!


The immediate areas around universities are usually geared at making your life easier. 

Therefore, a well-positioned student hostel or rental will grant you quick and easy access to public transport routes, supermarkets, (cheap) restaurants, and pretty much everything a student would want. 

No matter how you spin in, moving out of home to a student room is going to take a whole lot of getting used to. Do you need help? If so, take a look at some of the rooms we have available in Cape Town.