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The Unexpected Benefits of Tutoring

Many students think that there’s no point in tutoring others if they have no interest in teaching as a profession. Well, we’d like to highlight some of the key benefits of tutoring, no matter where your secular path is headed.

What are the Benefits of Tutoring?

Taking time out of your busy schedule to help someone else may seem counterintuitive, right? After all, there are only so many hours in a day.

However, consider these points:

Cement your own knowledge

It’s no secret that explaining a concept to others is a brilliant way to cement it in your own mind. Perhaps they don’t get the idea at first and you need to explain it several different ways – well that’s what gives you perspective and clarity on a subject. It will also highlight missing gaps in your own understanding if there’s an element that you can’t explain.

Multi-faceted learning

You may be tutoring on say, maths, but you will find that your mentorship role will likely spill over into other areas. For example, explaining how your study schedule works for you, or how you have developed a unique way of recalling information will enhance the learning experience for both of you. Sharing ideas on how to manage time, what is the best pre-exam diet to follow and similar subjects may offer benefits you weren’t expecting.

Giving back

Too little is said about the importance of giving unselfishly and the positive results that we can reap on a cellular level.

HeartMath says, “When you are altruistic – lending a helping hand – your oxytocin level goes up, which helps relieve your stress. Altruistic behaviour also may trigger the brain’s reward circuitry – the feel-good chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins.”

Enhance your own skills

Being available to assist others will force you to be more organised and prepared in your own routine. You will find that your listening and communication skills are honed as you work to understand where the student is struggling and in determining the best way to explain a complex concept.

Besides these simple truths, tutoring others will help you to develop leadership skills, empathy, compassion, care and intuition. Surely, the world needs more people like that?