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The Pros and Cons of Having a TV in the Bedroom

The good news is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to having a TV in the bedroom. The moment there are pros and cons we are looking at choice. However, for student life, you may not even have a choice because you may be sharing in a dorm with others and there may be no TV there at all. Or you may have a room in a res, in which case the only place for your TV might be your bedroom.

Going through the pros and cons though will help you view positively whatever your situation is. Exploring the issue of having a TV in the bedroom – or where you sleep, is an exercise in viewpoint. Understanding how to achieve contentment when it comes to matters out of your control is a life skill you may as well learn really fast. How you view circumstances beyond your control is what will shape your mindset, your well-being, and your mental health. Let’s dig into it then.

The Pros of Having a TV in the Bedroom

Comfort & Convenience – There’s no doubt it’s wonderful to kick back and chill in front of the telly at the end of a day of lectures, deadlines, and exams. Hotels have them wall mounted for just that purpose, so you might consider doing that to save space in your dorm room.

Enrichment – While you may want to distract your mind, there may be times when watching documentaries actually benefits your particular study subjects and then you can keep working from the comfort of your bed, as it were.

The Cons of Having a TV in the Bedroom

Blue-Light blues – This applies to all device screens. Blue light emissions mess with your circadian rhythm and the melatonin production your brain needs for sleep. This con can be offset by wearing blue-light protection spectacles.

Disturbed Sleep – Falling asleep to the TV is a habit that may seem helpful till you realize that the sudden loud noises are going to wake you up. If you need to fall asleep with something playing then choose hours of soothing sounds of nature or water.

In the end, having a TV in the bedroom may not be a choice for varsity dorms or residences. But either way, you still have control over the effects on you personally. Checking out the cons above you’ll see there are ways to minimise harmful effects and enhance the benefits. It’s totally up to you!