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The Pros and Cons of Business Studies

Business studies to the end of achieving your degree in business will always open doors for you. Be prepared, however, that it may not be all you need. It is however a great platform from which to launch yourself if you find you need to add another degree to it to reach your dream employment.

Business majors are popular, so you may, like many do, start with a bachelor’s degree in business. Only if you really think this is your thing, press on to get your MBA, which will count way more on your CV.

Business studies on their own is pretty much a piece of paper without much worth until you have experience or something more to offer. Let’s dig a bit into the big picture here.

The Pros of Business Studies

Circumstances where business studies will be a plus include:

  • You’re starting your own business and need the know-how.
  • You’re employed but need to climb a few rungs up the corporate ladder. Adding business studies can and will do that for you.
  • If you specialize after completing business studies, your level of expertise rises along with a higher salary to match.
  • Adding business studies after you’re employed will increase your competence and help you move up the corporate ladder.

The Cons of Business Studies

Circumstances where business studies aren’t enough include:

  • Business studies alone could stand in the way of your getting a job, for which someone unqualified can be paid less.
  • Business studies without experience don’t mean much, and you’ll have to be content with entry-level jobs and lower salaries.
  • Plenty of people have done business studies, so there’s a lot of competition.
  • The types of jobs open to people with a business studies qualification depend on market demands, so trade winds may not always be in your favor.

If you find yourself unsure of which degree to put your heart into, then do business studies. It will always look good on your CV anyway. Just keep in mind that it is the foundation of a career you’re still going to construct for yourself.