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The Digital Age of Tech in University

If you wrote in cursive – assuming you can – would anyone know what it was? Gone are the days of curly handwritten notes and a bag full of textbooks. Blackboards and chalk are obsolete, replaced by tablets, laptops and smartboards.

We live in a digital age, and technology is becoming a big part of our education systems. But how does tech in university benefit students and lecturers alike?

Tech in University

Technology is fast becoming the norm at all levels of education, but especially in university. Students can email through their assignments instead of physically handing in hardcopies. Laptops have replaced paper notebooks and research is done on the internet, not in the library.

Let’s take a look at 3 ways tech in university can be used to the advantage of both student and lecturers

Digital Field Trips and Simulations

Digitising field trips and offering simulated practice methods is a great way to use technology to your advantage. It is cost-effective and engaging and offers an experience outside of the walls of the classroom without having to go anywhere.

Simulations are also beneficial to students studying in fields where physical skills are required such as medicine. Virtual guest speakers are also an option to enhance your curriculum.

Integrate Social Media

We spend so much time on social media daily, why not make it a learning experience? This can be done by creating Facebook groups and posting discussion topics or using classroom hashtags for Instagram or Twitter. This is an innovative way to digitally connect students to their curriculum using their social media platforms

Use Digital Content

Studies have shown that learning can be more effective if a creative aspect is added. Allow students to work with multi-media platforms and presentations. Tech in university is particularly useful to incorporate music and videos into presentations to offer background context. Allow assignments to include blog posts, podcasts, and digital artwork.

Tech in university can be a great learning tool if utilized correctly. It can improve the curriculum and get the best out of students while allowing them to exercise their creativity.