Capetown Student Accomodation

Student Room Hygiene: 5 Easy Ways to Keep it Clean

It hits with the unpleasant reality that it’s up to you to keep your student room hygienic. Have no fear, you have a friend in vinegar that will blow you away. The following vinegar tricks used initially and then regularly thereafter will have your fellows wondering how you do it.

Either on your initial move-in or at some point after possible cleaning neglect, ordinary white vinegar will save the day. It’s cheap and it works, what’s not to like?

Student Room Hygiene Step 1

Vinegar Initiation

Make no mistake, this manoeuver will make everything hereafter a breeze. Adding white vinegar to your cleaning solution or just using the vinegar alone in water on your initial cleanup will cover areas such as:

  • Soap buildup in tubs, shower cubicles (including the doors and showerheads), and hand basins.
  • Give the loo a good go too – if all else fails, coke will remove limescale – we kid you not.
  • Eradicate mould and mildew off walls, inside cupboards, and mirrors.
  • Oven and stovetops caked with cooking grime.

Student Room Hygiene Step 2

Microwave Magic Trick

In a microwavable container, place fresh water about halfway, and add two tablespoons of white vinegar. Fling in a toothpick – no joke! Wood stops water from boiling over, right? Use this to nuke the microwave grime on high for around 5 minutes.

Leave it in after the time is up so that the vapour can keep working for another 10 minutes. The last stubborn much will give way as you sponge the oven down after the power-nuke process.

Student Room Hygiene Step 3

Furniture Fun

If you’re forced to use old furniture it likely doesn’t smell too good. So, here’s what you do. Sprinkle plenty of baking soda over the fabric and leave for 30 minutes. Suck it up with a hand-held vacuum after and whoosh, you’ll have cleverly and cheaply deodorized the material of any furniture If there are plastic or wooden parts, use the vinegar mix to wipe it down.

Student Room Hygiene Step 4

Window Wonders

There is still nothing better than newsprint paper to gloss windows once you’ve cleaned them off with a vinegar and soap mix. Use circular, horizontal, and vertical strokes.

Student Room Hygiene Step 5

Clever COVID Protocols

These days, no one in the whole world is a stranger to the benefits of sanitising. To keep proper protocols in place, this is the one time you will need to shelf your magic tricks with vinegar. While it’s great for E.coli and the like, vinegar has no clout against viruses.

Have a handy spray ready for yourself on entering your room and ready for any visitors you accept.

In conclusion, getting a grip on student room hygiene is worth every effort. Do the groundwork well to start with and the rest is just maintenance. Share tasks agreed upon with others if you are sharing accommodation.