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Student Life: 5 Reasons to Make Your Bed in the Morning

Do you ever wonder, “Why should I make my bed? I’m going to mess it up again later so there’s really no point.”

It’s not just you, most people feel like this at some point. But, why are we talking about making your bed in this blog? Does it matter? Honestly?

Actually, you may be surprised to learn that there are some pretty compelling reasons to make your bed.

Let’s take a look at a few.

Reasons to Make Your Bed

  1. The first and possibly most obvious reason to make your bed is that your room will look cleaner. When your bed is the biggest thing in your room and it’s messed up, your whole room looks untidy. In addition to being quick and easy to do, making your bed will give you a sense of pride in having a clean room. Those 45 seconds that it takes to straighten out your covers matter. Trust us!
  2. A second reason to make your bed is the feeling of accomplishment you get once you’ve done it. It’s only a small task, but you’ve still accomplished something. This feeling of accomplishment can help motivate you to do your other tasks throughout the day.

In fact, one article on the effects of bed-making states, “Bed makers are also more likely to like their jobs, own a home, exercise regularly, and feel well rested, whereas non-bed-makers hate their jobs, rent apartments, avoid the gym, and wake up tired. All in all, bed makers are happier and more successful than their rumple-sheeted peers.”

  1. Third, having a made bed increases productivity. Making your bed as soon as you wake up puts yesterday behind you and helps you get into the mindset of tackling whatever this day is planning to throw at you.

CNBC says, “It may sound silly that such a small task would influence the rest of your day, but the survey found that completing this chore actually gives people an early sense of accomplishment that then helps them feel more productive throughout the rest of the day. More than eight in 10 bed-makers felt this way.”

  1. Do you want to reduce your stress levels? Yes, you guessed it. Make your bed! Having your bed made and tidying up a little makes your student room less cluttered and, in turn, makes your brain less cluttered. That way, your head has more space for more important things.
  2. Finally, making your bed helps towards developing good habits. It’s been called a keystone habit by some psychologists which has a knock-on effect on numerous other (good) habits.

Yes, smoothing those sheets may seem like a hassle, but consider these benefits to making your bed in the morning.

Also, it doesn’t even take that long! Try it!