Capetown Student Accomodation

Student Activities in Cape Town to Keep You Busy

Cape Town truly is one of South Africa’s gems offering some truly first-world lifestyle options and student activities. 

If you’re planning on attending one of SA’s premier universities here in the fair Cape, then you’ll probably be exploring some of the nearby ‘things to do’ in your downtime. 

Off-Campus Student Activities

Whether you live in Cape Town or you’re just here to study, you simply must learn to surf. 

Surfing isn’t simply a fun way to keep cool, but rather it’s a way of life. Any surfer will tell you that taking time to be in refreshingly crisp water, enjoying the quiet of the ocean while on your board, soaking in the sun and the salty air – well, there’s not much to beat it. 

So, surfing lessons it is? 

Wet Dreams Surfing Academy, based in Camps Bay, caters for all ages and levels and comes with decades of surfing knowledge, great equipment and wonderful people. 

What used to raise eyebrows has now become a worldwide fitness trend. Pole Dancing is simply a super-fun way of getting fit, toning up and having an enormous amount of fun. 

Pole Dance Cape Town is one of many facilities offering this fitness fad and offer an intro class so that you can see if this is for you. Gym and other physical activities are certainly vital to keeping you in optimal health (mentally and physically) but can sometimes be – well – boring. 

Pole dancing allows you to stretch yourself, test your limits, and have loads of fun doing it. 

As a final option, have you ever considered sand boarding?

Cape Xtreme offers an incredible day out to the Atlantis Dunes where a qualified sandboard instructor will teach you the basics of cruising down some (rather steep) dunes. 

They cater for all ages and offer a slow, chilled experience or an adrenaline-filled day out – you choose. As far as getting away from it all when you’re eyebrow-deep in books and lectures, this has to be one of the best options we’ve seen.

Cape Town offers so many more student activities and it’s well worth doing a little digging to find something that can keep you balanced while at varsity.