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Stop‌ ‌Procrastinating:‌ ‌5‌ ‌Ways‌ ‌to‌ ‌Master‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Time‌ ‌

We’ve all done it. We put off those things that we’d just rather not do and busy ourselves with the less important stuff. It may sound innocent enough, but procrastination can rob you of valuable time and energy. 

How can we stop procrastinating?  Is this bad habit something that we can overcome?

How to stop procrastinating

Nobody likes the stress and pressure of last-minute tasks, but that’s exactly what we do to ourselves when we procrastinate. However, understanding the reasons why we are putting off a task will almost certainly help us to deal with it better than putting it at the back of the queue. 


Sometimes we fail to get something done because we are simply overwhelmed. Our lives are busy, we have a million responsibilities, and everything is either urgent or important! A to-do list with a careful note of what needs to be done is a great start; putting these into some semblance of order is the next critical step. A task that is due tomorrow should top the list and the rest should fall into some natural order.

Plan ahead 

We’re only human, and we know ourselves well enough to appreciate that 2 am isn’t going to be the very best time to study, right? When are you at your best? Planning to achieve the more difficult of your tasks on days or at times when you are likely to be well-rested or more relaxed will give you a head start.

Swallow the frog

There will always be those one or two things that we have to do but really don’t want to – aka “frogs.”  Do that first. Honestly, starting the day by getting the worst thing on your list over with gives you such a mental kick. Try it!

Understand yourself

Have you ever put something off because you simply didn’t know how to do it? That’s a common problem and one which is pretty easy to resolve. Ask questions, get as much information as you can about a task before you even take it on, research, and give yourself time to understand what’s required. 

Reward yourself

If your day feels like a never-ending list of tasks to do then you won’t want to even start. What kind of a life is that, really? If this sounds familiar, why not break up your day into chunks and reward yourself at the end of each task? It’s easy to become distracted and suddenly find yourself watching YouTube videos on penguins, but if you stay focused on your reward then the task is just a means to an end. 

Stop procrastinating! Take back your time and take control of your varsity life!