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Stay Hydrated – Get Your Brain Addicted to Water 

Your brain needs help to stay hydrated if you want it to do its thing for you at Varsity and beyond. It’s getting a bit overcooked to say we need to knock back more Adam’s Ale, but no one can run from this one. Here are some facts:


  • According to a U.S. Geological Survey, while 60% of the human body is composed of water,  the brain and heart alone are made up of 73% water. Staying hydrated is essential to our overall well-being, but it’s particularly critical to brain function. 


  • Psychology Today, says the brain cells rely heavily on H2O and how it reacts with other elements in the body. Without this reaction, brain cells lose efficiency and make it more difficult to concentrate.



And there you have it. We need to stay hydrated. If you’re tired in the afternoons, struggle to focus, get headaches, or battle to sleep, the cure could be water – lots of it. 


Can you do it – can you stay hydrated? Here are 7 hydration tips that will change your life in ways you couldn’t imagine.


Tip # 1

We dehydrate overnight, so before grabbing your morning coffee – which dehydrates by the way, but we won’t ask you to give it up, just get a mug of water in first. If you really want to do some mega good, make it hot as you can take it. That cleans and hydrates in one! 


Tip # 2

Bottled water is likely better for you than municipal tap water. Carry one around with you – your brain will thank you ad reward you with its brilliance.

Tip # 3

Take the ‘pee test’. If your urine is dark or smelly, you need a lot of water. If it is clear and odour-free you are hydrated.

Tip # 4

Eat your water by opting for high-water-content foods more often. Strawberries and watermelon contain 92% H2O per volume, so that’s a start. In the veggie department, cucumber and iceberg lettuce and celery are 95 – 96 % water.

Tip # 5

If you need the bubbles, drink sparkling water. 

Tip # 6

Set your phone or digital wearable to remind you to stay hydrated at certain times. 

Tip # 7

If you’re feeling hungry, drink water first – it’s usually a hydration issue rather than a hunger issue.


Oh, and you can’t count the coffee as water ok? It’s acidic and dehydrates. Herb tea? No problem – counts as water. The Coke and Fanta family don’t count either. Have coke and coffee, by all means, just drink an extra glass of water for every cappuccino or fizzy drink you consume if you want to stay hydrated.