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Small Appliances for Student Rooms: What Do I Need?

One of the last things that you want to be worrying about when moving to your student room is, “Am I missing any important appliances?” Whilst some places already have small appliances for student rooms, making sure you have what you need – whether you bring it yourself or it’s provided – will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

You don’t want to be one of those guys warming up viennas in a coffee pot or making toasties with an iron, do you?

Appliances For the Kitchen


We all get a little lazy at times. And at said times, cooking food is not something that we feel like doing. And that’s why you have a microwave. Leftover pizza? Cold coffee? Put in the microwave for a bit and ta-da, problem solved.


There’s one thing that college and university students can’t live without – caffeine. Whether it’s in tea or coffee or anything like that, you’re going to need hot water. And what better way to get hot water than with a kettle? Who wants to be hovering over a pot on the stove waiting for water to boil?

Portable Blender

Some mornings, you may feel like a healthier breakfast. Get some berries, a banana, some milk and whatever else you like and chuck in the blender that you so cleverly brought with you. You could have it as is, or over a bowl of muesli. Either way, you have yourself a healthy breakfast. A portable blender isn’t the most common small appliance for student rooms, but it’s definitely practical.

For Your Bedroom

Mini Fridge

This may seem like a luxury item, but it comes in handy. For example, you may be up late studying but you want something cold to drink or something to snack on. Instead of going to the kitchen – and potentially waking up the other occupants of the dorm – you could just reach over and grab something out of the mini-fridge. This will sort out those late-night thirsties after too much pizza and chips!

Table Fan

Picture the scene: you’re busy working on an assignment but it’s so hot that everything you read or write appears to be in a foreign language. But then you reach over and turn your fan on which begins to cool you down and you can now continue with your assignment. Having a table fan can be one of the small appliances for student dorms that get you through those last few moments on a hot day.

Hair Straighteners

For some people, you probably didn’t have to think twice about bringing hair straighteners with you. For others, the thought didn’t even cross your mind. But hair straighteners don’t have to be just for your hair. They can be used as a makeshift iron that you can use for an item of clothing that has a surprise crease in it.

For General Use

Compact Washing Machine

Depending on the size of your room, you may or may not have space for a normal-sized washing machine. Getting yourself a compact washing machine will save you the hassle of leaving your student room to get your clothes washed.

Vacuum Cleaner

This one is obvious, at least, we hope it is. A vacuum cleaner is an essential small appliance for student rooms that you shouldn’t be without. There’s nothing more distracting than having dirt on the floor around you when you’re trying to study so vacuuming everyone now and then wouldn’t hurt.

Multiplug and Adapters

Who needs the stress of your phone battery being on 6% and you can’t charge it because you don’t have an adapter? Or maybe you have your fan and your lamp on, but your laptop is about to die but there isn’t enough plug space. Bringing one or two multi plugs and a few adapters could be a lifesaver.

Some of these may be obvious, some of these might have slipped your mind. Either way, these small appliances for student rooms are rather essential and trust me, you’ll thank me later.