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Six-of-the-Best Online Learning Channels

Online learning has many benefits. “eLearning courses utilise high-quality multimedia content to increase student understanding and provide an impressive virtually immersive experience,” comments the Dexway Team for Blended Learning, Education, Methodology & Online Learning.

The records show that 66% of students at the University of Sydney make use of lecture videos to supplement their study courses. An even greater percentage are making use of available technology to access online learning for the same purpose.

With a vast array of leaning channels ow competing for their share of the student market, here are six worthy of exploring.

  1. Udemy – these free online learning courses take prime spot upfront because they allow users to build custom courses from lessons. With over 40 million students worldwide, and boasting 100,000 online courses, you’re in safe hands.
  2. Coursera – partnered with universities around the world, this is a powerful online learning tool. With a wide range of in-depth courses, Coursera is great if you’re studying many different topics.
  3. Alison – the bonus here is that there are some certificates offered. The site is great for language courses, health,  business, and technology.
  4.  MIT – has a variety of online learning courses and very in-depth materials on the subjects covered. MIT has a free RSS feed, which is a convenient way to keep learning.
  5. Khan Academy – has a great user-friendly interface and is well partnered, curating many courses from around the web.
  6. TED-Ed  – directed more toward general online learning, many are turning to these short, engaging and motivational videos for education and enrichment. There are fun quizzes and supplemental materials that work well in the formal education setting.

To pinch Khan Academy’s byline: ‘You only have to know one thing: You Can Learn Anything.’!x

That really opens wide the opportunity to learn and learn well. The benefit of supplementing Varsity studies is that it seems to speeds up the time it would usually take to get a grip on a subject. It’s as if the more you flood yourself with the subject from perspectives other than highlighted by your lecturer, the more you own it.