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Should I Drop Out? 3 Reasons to Stick it Out

After a while, the first rush you felt just walking onto the Varsity campus, is replaced with a dread that you might become a dropout. The cheering is over, no one is congratulating you anymore and the going just seems to get impossibly hard, right?

Why does that happen and what should you do if it happens to you?

3 Reasons Why Many Drop Out

  1. Financial & Family Problems – many learners have part-time jobs trying to pay their higher education fees. When they start falling behind, it appears there is no choice but to quit. Family problems at home disruptions often mean the end of tertiary education to care for orphaned siblings or elderly family members.
  2. Choosing the Wrong Course – Some 80% of varsity attendees were following in the footsteps their parents or other influencers were gunning for at the time. Halfway in you realize you hate law and want to be a vet instead.
  3. Workload & Setbacks – no one could have prepared you for the tsunami-level of work and responsibility you landed with on entering Varsity. You feel like you are constantly behind and will never make it. Challenges and setbacks are part of life, and yes, it gets very up-close-and-personal when you’re new at Varsity. Drop-out rates are most often because of repeated failure to deliver what is required at varsity level.

3 Reasons You Should Stick it Out

  1. New Terms are Possible – feeling feeble at the first sign of trouble is one thing but to drop out on a career is quite another. Get hold of someone with good sense and talk it out. Things can improve. There are other ways to negotiate to pay for your course, ‘He who searches is the one who finds’. All you have to do is speak up.You are unlikely to get a second shot at higher education.  It doesn’t matter if you didn’t get it all right. That’s no reason not to figure out a way through. Ask others to help care for family responsibilities, while you complete your studies. Fast forward to graduation day and walking off with a degree behind your name – think of that feeling every day before you drop out of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  1. Lane Changes Work – if you really believe you’re studying the wrong subjects, explore your transferring possibilities. Make an informed choice that you won’t regret but don’t chuck it all up when you could end up doing something you love.If you need to restart a year, so what? It’s better than abandoning all your dreams and adopt the ‘drop out’ label.
  1. Consequences Count – setbacks and challenges are a part of adult life. If you run away now, you’ll l likely run away from future difficulties too. Facing your situation honestly and not looking for a copout will serve you as an upstanding member of any community you wish to be a part of.

You are not alone in wondering if you should drop out of your varsity course. You’re not alone in the reality of the difficulties you face either. Other dropouts may look like they’re having fun already but it’s early days. By the time you’ve graduated varsity because you sensible chose to stick it out, you’ll have a high-paying job and they’ll be packing shelves and opting out of fun due to lack of funds.