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Mind Your Tongue. How to Maintain Healthy Relationships at University

When it comes to healthy relationships at university, the best strategy is to know how to take yourself less seriously. It is a time of life when you tend to think ‘this is it – this is my moment’, “If I fail now, I’ll never get it right’, and ‘I always say the wrong things’.

Seriously, varsity relationships are not a prediction of how the rest of your life is going to be. Actually, it’s a fantastic learning curve.

Understandably, a bit of guidance wouldn’t go amiss, so here it is.

Smart Tips for Healthy Relationships at University

Relationships run on a spectrum because neither are they all romantic nor confined to the same gender or nationality. Navigating your way around them all may seem an impossible task.

As a general rule, you should lower your expectations of yourself and, more importantly, of others.

Let people be. You don’t have to rush in and state your views to be perceived as ‘significant’. Nor do you have to be a walkover or give way to the need to fix everything and everyone,

While self-worth is important, but you’re not more important than others. Think of yourself as neither greater than nor less than. You’ll soon realize that ‘look and learn’ works better than ‘arguments and postulating’.

Tip 1: Mind your mouth – people who talk too much tend to offend and mess up.

Tip 2: Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit – avoid it like the plague.

Tip 3: Listen, listen, and listen – you have two ears and one mouth – hold that ratio.

Tip 4: Apologise – It’s more than likely that if you’ve upset someone, you’ll be upset by someone too. Apologies mend and restore. Make it your superpower.


In Summary

Healthy relationships at University must be based on respect, support, and trust. All three of those vital attributes need to be earned. None come ‘on demand’ or via a juvenile sense of entitlement. Enjoy your Varsity years, you are creating memories you could treasure for a lifetime to come.

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