Capetown Student Accomodation

How To Maximize Space In Your Student Room.

Have you seen your digs yet? You might be wondering how to get the most out of your new accommodation, after all, you’ll need to be comfy and productive. Read on for some practical suggestions.

The most effective way to keep any room spacious and inviting is to keep it tidy. Yes, I hear your inward groan. Just hear me out, okay? Have you ever tried tidying up and found yourself not knowing where to put anything? Being tidy starts with planning your space thoughtfully and carefully.

Arrange your things with a visible system, easy to grab means easy to put back. If you use something often, keep it in a specific accessible place. You don’t want to be digging through an odd assortment of socks, tech, and stationery to get your lip-ice.

Take a look at how much stuff you have and will need in your accommodation then consider tidy ways to keep it all. There are so many options that can really help you maximize space in a small room.

3 Steps To Maximize Space

Step 1 – Functional Furniture

A large part of tidying up starts with furnishings. Choosing furniture will have a huge impact on how successful you will be in maintaining spaciousness in your room. Any furniture item you choose needs to be functional or multi-purposed. For example, if you choose to have a coffee table, make sure you can store things in it. Otherwise, you are wasting that space.

Go for modular units because they are stackable, and can be arranged or rearranged to fit the vertical areas you have available.

Look for furniture with wheels. It’s so handy to have a little shelf that can just be moved out of the way. When it comes to lighting (you will need good light to study) look for lamps that clip. A clippable light can be moved around easily and takes up minimal desk space.

Maybe a modular utility shelf isn’t as attractive as the minimalist bamboo design piece you really like, but honestly, who’s going to notice expressions of your personal style when they are shrouded in clutter?

Step 2 – Laundry Management

Take a deep breath and repeat after me… LAUNDRY! The simplest way to maximize space in your student room is to have a laundry strategy. Nothing consumes space like having clothes lying all over the place. Dirty washing gets out of hand faster than eighteen-year-olds with a beer keg!

Get an over-door hanger and attach your laundry bag to it, dirty washing goes straight in. When it’s full, take the bag down and carry it to the laundry room. Easy. You have a convenient place for washing that doesn’t occupy your floor space. Now, remember, young Padawan, laundry is one of the harsh realities of life. It can never be conquered, but it can be mastered.

Step 3 – Organize Daily Essentials

Think about smart ways to organize your stuff. You won’t have loads of cupboard space, so find ways to make the most of it. Pack your clothes and other personals into closet and drawer organizers, use dividers and compartments. There are loads of options that can be bought online to maximize closet space. Shoe racks, over-door hooks, stackable hangers, and under-bed storage containers are well worth it, even on a budget.

A caddy with wheels, or a trolly can work wonders for a small room too. You can pack anything from healthy snacks to hair products, and then just wheel it to an out-of-the-way location!

Be practical. Your student room needs to be a welcoming haven with an atmosphere for studying. Go for functionality. Think through a plan then create storage systems with functional furniture, a laundry strategy, and an organized way to keep all your stuff.

By keeping your quarters tidy you will be able to maximize space in your student room.