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How To Make Student Holidays Work For You

No one should take away the great relief that student holidays are for anyone pursuing Varsity studies. Whether you’re a diligent student or not, you need the downtime big time, right? And you’re expected to celebrate the end of another tough academic year and see in the start of 2020.

Enjoy every minute – that’s an order.

But we all know hangovers aren’t great and there’s only so much partying one can do. At first the thought of sleeping in and doing nothing sound like heaven. There are only so many movies you can watch, and so much Coke and popcorn one can stomach. Even if you binge-watch a favourite series, that too will come to an end. You’ll soon be up to date with Facebook and Instagram. And then it happens. Just when you thought it never would – the big B…Boredom, starts creeping in.

Life is passing by out there, you have time on your hands, use it to make the student holidays work for you. How can you get ahead of the rest and stay on top of things for the year to come?

Here are our 7 hot tips:

  1. Get a Holiday Job – if you don’t need the cash, skip this tip. If you do, get on it.
  2. Get Out – the great outdoors beckons. Explore and discover life outside of class.
  3. Get Fit – nothing like starting the New Year with an all-new, slim, trim and fit you.
  4. Get Going – take a road trip with friends or family and make new memories
  5. Get Cooking – student holidays can see a new MasterChef born.
  6. Get Creative – do something for yourself, something you haven’t done before.
  7. Get Sorted – if there’s anything you neglected – the dentist, or a friendship, sort it out.

Above all, get to 2020 safely and all the better for it.

Life is a giant learning curve with unrelenting pressures. Understanding what it takes to unwind without falling apart or messing up or having to pay consequences for the rest of our lives, can be determined by how we use our student holidays now.

Have a blast, but when its past, make sure there’s enough of you left to be the somebody you dream of.