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How to Have a Productive Holiday

Everyone looks forward to the holidays. Instead of attending classes, studying, or putting up with an annoying roommate, you can just relax. But after a week, doing nothing and waking up at lunchtime just gets boring and you find yourself wanting to do … something.

So why not plan for a productive holiday?

Keep Fit

As much as you love laying on the couch, eating snacks and watching reruns and reality shows, your body doesn’t. One of the best ways to start off your productive holiday is by keeping healthy.

No, you don’t have to give up all your favourite snacks. But eating healthier and keeping to an exercise routine, whether at the gym or even at home, will do wonders for your physical and mental health. You’ll return to university fresh and ready to tackle whatever life has to throw at you.

Get a Part-Time Job

Nothing says “productive holiday” like getting a part-time job. Part-time jobs not only give you a little spending money, but they also give you first-hand work experience. The skills gained from holiday jobs will always offer something you can use in future careers and in everyday life. Part-time jobs provide you with the opportunity to interact with people on a professional level in the workplace, learn time management, and network. They also demand a certain level of discipline!

Learn a New Skill

If you find you have some free time, why don’t you try developing a new skill? Whether it’s baking, learning how to draw or even studying a new language. Why not make the most of your holiday and learn something new that will impress your friends while having a productive break?

No one’s telling you that you can’t spend a day watching your favourite series or that you can’t go to the mall with your friends. But these are days that you will never get back, so, take some downtime, but also use the holidays to make memories, make friends, and make inroads into your post-university life.

Whatever you decide to do – whether it’s being your own personal trainer, working part-time or giving Mandarin a bash – make this a productive holiday and reap the benefits.