Capetown Student Accomodation

How to Deal with Messy Roommate

The thrill of having your own space when you get to University can quickly turn sour if you have to cope with a messy roommate. 

Of course, nobody is going to be perfect, and there’s a good chance that you’re also honing your domestic skills in this area too. But what if their messiness is becoming a real problem? How can we tackle this issue without it becoming a major thing?

Communicating with a Messy Roommate

You’ll find that a common thread that will run through your adult life is this: when you learn to communicate well then you will suffer far fewer relationship problems. This is what great communication looks like in this instance:

Be Transparent

If their messy ways are starting to put a strain on your relationship, then take the time to speak openly to them. Let them know that you want to discuss something a little sensitive and do it as soon as you can. Most reasonable people will appreciate that you’ve taken the time and effort to approach an issue instead of taking a passive-aggressive route and making life awkward for everyone. 

Be Kind

Remember that not everyone has the same upbringing and the same perspective on life as you do. It could be that this person’s messy behaviour comes from the way they lived prior to coming into student accommodation. They may not realise that their actions are a problem, and they may not have the tools to deal with it. Accusations and finger-pointing are going to get you nowhere. Rather, express your concerns with a view to finding a solution and not apportioning blame. 

Be Reasonable

If your messy roommate’s habits are affecting your persona space, then it’s fair to have a word. In like manner, if they are encroaching into the common living area, then you can gently remind them that their stuff is spilling into this space. However, if they have a messy bedroom, that’s their issue. (Unless of course, it’s creating a roach problem.)

So, if you are struggling with a messy roommate why not follow these three simple tips to solving the problem and living your best life at Varsity.