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How to Boost Your Confidence in University

Even the most outgoing and gregarious among us have moments of uncertainty. And of course, when we’ve come from being a big fish in a small pond at high school, University can sap our confidence levels.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. Yes, varsity is a big deal, and everything is new and scary. But these quick tips should help you to boost your confidence and enter this chapter of your life with a brave face.

Quick Confidence Boosters

The very first thing to understand as a newbie in varsity, is that everyone is in the same boat. None of you know where you’re going, or what happens next. So, don’t feel alone and don’t be afraid to ask questions – you can bet that a dozen other people are wondering the same thing.

  1. Ask for help from student support groups. They are there for people just like you and will be happy to guide you in whatever area you need assistance with.
  2. Write down your concerns. Make a note of what makes you feel off-kilter and what questions you have. Once these are down in writing you’ll find that, firstly, things aren’t as bad as you thought. And secondly, you can work through these systematically to find solutions.
  3. Join societies that interest you. This is a brilliant way to meet new people with similar interests and get involved with university life in a comfortable space. It’s also a great way to ease into networking and will naturally build your confidence as you connect with more people.
  4. Be realistic about your abilities. It’s great to aim high, but it can also be crushing if you don’t achieve what you wanted. Take the feedback from lecturers as a learning curve and don’t take it personally. Try to take the lesson and apply it to your next project.
  5. Don’t compare yourself to others. Yes, we understand that you’re all pitted against each other for jobs and other positions. However, each person brings their own individual skills to the table and where you excel, others may not. Don’t think that you are less of a person because you don’t belong to a dozen groups and play all the sports. Set your own goals and let those guide you.

In conclusion, one of the best ways to boost your own confidence is to help others.  Being “that guy” helps you to meet people and make friends, while at the same time building your very own support group.

Do you have any confidence boosters that you would like to share?