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How Can I Stay in Control of my Drinking?

University is known for many things; higher learning, making new friends, and of course, drinking. Many students who live away from home in university accommodation find that their habits change drastically once they get involved with socialising at Varsity.

When it comes to drinking alcohol, how do you know when you are drinking a little too much or a little too frequently? Are you in control of your drinking habits?

It’s worth noting that alcohol affects people differently, and even if you don’t drink as much as your roommate, for example, you may still be drinking too much for you.

Is your drinking becoming a problem?

When do a few drinks with some friends turn into alcohol abuse? 

Perhaps ask yourself a few searching questions such as:

  • Do I need to have a drink to have fun or to unwind?
  • Do I turn to alcohol when I’m stressed or anxious?
  • Am I drinking more than I used to?
  • Do I need to drink more or stronger beverages to feel the effects?
  • Am I spending more money than I have on alcohol?
  • Have I made some poor choices after drinking?
  • Has anyone mentioned that I should control my drinking?

Self-examination of these points may highlight the uncomfortable truth that you need to pay attention to.

Yes, many people go through their whole lives as functioning alcoholics, but is this what you want for your life? 

How can I control my drinking?

Being aware that you may have a problem is a positive first step. If you are serious about staying in control of your drinking, then start small: 

Choose when you will drink. Look at your calendar and see what your social plans are, and if you are not out with friends, then choose those days to drink something non-alcoholic that you enjoy.

Let your close friends know. Tell your friends that you want to cut down a little and ask them not to try to coerce you into drinking more than you have decided to. Understanding how much alcohol is in the various drinks available will help you to keep tabs on exactly how much you’re drinking. 

Make a list. Note down all the positive benefits of reducing your alcohol intake, not forgetting the financial, health, and sleep benefits. This will help you when you’re feeling a little wobbly.

Yes, drinking and Varsity tend to go hand in hand, but it doesn’t mean that you have to follow the crowd.