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How Can I Make My Digs More Comfortable? Student Accommodation Tips

It’s not a reach to say that your new home away from home – aka student digs – isn’t going to be what you’re used to. If you want practical, cosy and comfortable student accommodation then you’re pretty much going to have to create it yourself. 

Granted, this may be easier for the ladies who have an innate nesting instinct which allows them to create a homely space with relative ease. However, there are a few foundation concepts which, when applied, can turn any bland and soulless room into a sanctuary.

Take a look.

Comfortable Student Accommodation Is Possible

So, your average student room hasn’t been crafted with comfort in mind. You’ll have all the practical elements that you need; a bathroom, a bed, a desk and some sort of cooking facility, but that will be pretty much it.

This, coupled with what is likely to be a slim decorating budget, poses a challenge.

Liven things up

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest way to turn a dorm into a home is by adding plants. We kid you not. A few hardy species in colourful pots, dotted around your room will add an instant injection of life and colour. 

Dim the lights

Chances are, your lighting situation is practical for studying, but besides that, will probably sear your eyeballs if you look directly at it. Adding a standing lamp with a lower watt and a warmer toned bulb is just what you need when you’re taking some downtime. 

Lovely Linen

An army-style blanket and wooden pillow are certainly not what you want to come home to after a day of studying. Invest in a cosy duvet with some soft, quality linen and towels. This may seem redundant (especially for the boys) if you think that beds are for sleeping in, and that’s it. But trust us when we insist that this small thing makes a very big difference. 

Bring Home To You

Forget the stark white walls. Get creative with photos of family and friends – Pinterest is your best friend here! The warmth and familiarity, plus the colour and interest that photos add to an empty wall will make you feel at home. 

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