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Dealing‌ ‌with‌ ‌Pandemic‌ ‌Fatigue‌ ‌ ‌

Did you ever think you’d be reading an article on pandemic fatigue? Pandemics generally seem to be thought of as a thing of the past, like the Spanish Flu or the Bubonic Plague; certainly not something that we in this enlightened 21st Century need to concern ourselves with.

However, here we are. COVID-19 has turned 2020 in a verb of the worst sort, and we are all still reeling from the effects of this pandemic. 

What is pandemic fatigue? Why do we need to be aware of it and how it can affect us? 

What is pandemic fatigue?

Do you find yourself turning off the radio or the television when COVID-related matters come up? Are you suffering from feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, or stress? Do you feel irritable and find that you have difficulty concentrating? 

Certainly, these symptoms can be attributed to any number of issues from various mental health issue to a lack of sleep. An article in Psychology Today lists 10 signs that may indicate pandemic fatigue as the long-term effects take their toll on us. 

They list these as follows:

  1. You’re not as diligent about wearing a mask or washing your hands.
  2. You’re less careful about social distancing than you were.
  3. You’re getting enough sleep but still feel exhausted.
  4. You’re feeling more impatient and more irritable.
  5. Things are upsetting you that previously hadn’t.
  6. You’re feeling stressed by tasks or situations you typically manage well.
  7. You’re not engaging in things you used to find enjoyable.
  8. You’re feeling hopeless about the future.
  9. Your consumption of alcohol, substances, or food has increased.
  10. You’re finding it harder to focus and concentrate.

Are any of these sounding familiar?

COVID coping tools

The problem with pandemic fatigue is that it can slowly erode our motivation to adhere to the guidelines set out to keep us safe. If we let down our guard and are less fastidious with our hand-washing or social distancing, then we may find that we’re stuck in this lockdown loop for longer than we need to be. 

Why not take a moment and do a quick personal assessment? 

If you’re battling with pandemic fatigue there are some excellent articles on how to deal with it in safe and practical ways. Life will eventually return to some semblance of normal, but in the meantime, stay safe.