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Coping with Family Problems When You’re Not There

Moving out of home and into student accommodation is a rite of passage for many university students. It is a taste of adult life, while still being able to go home when you need to. But along with this freedom comes some difficulties, and one of these can be dealing with family problems while you are not staying permanently at home.

There are many ways to deal with these issues, and each depends on the problem and the severity. But some general solutions can be applied to various family problems across the board.

Use Technology

Sometimes you may not be able to go home to deal with a family problem. You could be attending university in another province or country, and the cost of travelling home too often may not be manageable. Luckily, we live in a digital age where you can connect with your family members face to face while being far away. Connecting with your family can be very useful when it comes to trying to solve family issues that don’t require urgent family member attendance.

Draw A Line

Unfortunately, you may have to separate your studies and your family life to a certain extent. If you are rushing home for every mild disagreement, you will find that your grade and your attendance will start to slip as you will be spreading yourself too thin. You should draw the line at certain things. Stand firm in your decision – your education is also important, so explain to your family what you are willing to do in place of coming home all the time.

Develop Healthy Problem Solving

There are various tools you can use to help you better manage to deal with family problems. These can vary from techniques to calm anxiety and frustration, to ways to deal with the problem at hand such as respecting each opinion or learning to listen rather than talking.

If there are major family problems, consider looking at professional help – there is no shame in asking others for help as outside opinions can often see solutions that those too close cannot.

Good luck with your challenges!