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Adulting in Varsity: 5 Life Skills to Master

So, you are on your own for an extended period, probably for the first time! Suddenly there are no parents to book you doctors’ appointments, cook your favourite meals… or prevent you from arguing with the washing machines or tumble dryer over pink or shrunken outfits.

Now that you must fend for yourself, there are a few basic life skills that you should brush up on (or learn!) We have put together a list of the five top skills you need to adult at varsity.

1.    Domestic Skills

Probably the most important one, learning a few basics of cooking and cleaning is your first step. Teach yourself how to cook a few simple meals and brush up on your laundry skills. Keeping yourself fed and in clean clothes is foundational stuff.

2.    Communication

Being able to communicate professionally and efficiently is a great skill to have. Also learning to deal with other opinions, as you will always encounter different viewpoints or backgrounds. You will also come across many different cultures, so being culturally competent is a skill worth having. Listen to understand, be kind, and remember that you may sometimes be wrong.

3.    Money Management

Money doesn’t go nearly as far when it is your own! The best thing to do is to sit down and work out your budget for the month. Not only will this make things easier, but it will stand you in good stead for real-life adulting! A smart thing is also to learn about banking services and practices, so you don’t get taken by surprise.

4.    Self-Care

Looking after yourself may seem like a simple thing – why do you need to be reminded about that? But making sure that you get enough sleep, eat nutritious meals, and exercise regularly can be quite a lot to remember. Remember it is all about balance and moderation. Also, take advantage of any health services your school offers such as gym facilities or clinics.

5.    Time Management

You will quickly fill up your days once you get into the swing of varsity life. Once you join clubs, teams, and social groups you will need to learn how to manage time between all of these and your studies. Fall behind on one or the other and your schoolwork or your social life will suffer – neither will make your varsity years great.

So there you have it, a brief snapshot of how to adult and where to start. Varsity is a brilliant time to spread your wings and learn how to be the best version of you.