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5 Fun Facts About Coffee at College

Coffee and college go hand in hand – fact. 

Many students attribute the success of their varsity days to their daily coffee intake – and with good reason. Coffee is a fascinating blend of antioxidants, chemicals and mild addiction which we would do well to unpack if we’re starting down the university path.

Fun Facts About Coffee at College

Wakey Wakey

Heard of adenosine?

Adenosine is a neurotransmitter in our brain which signals sleepiness. This sleep chemical Is a central nervous system depressant, and as the levels in our body creeps up during the course of the day we start to feel drowsy. 

Enter coffee! 

In as little as 15 minutes after our first tentative sip, the caffeine in our brew binds itself to the adenosine receptors in our brain thus tricking it into adenosine blindness. No sleep chemical, no drowsiness. Job done!

The Smart Drink

While coffee won’t make you smarter, it will – for a short time – improve your cognitive functions. This brief kick from our friend Joe can help us get through those darker days by providing a temporary boost of concentration, alertness and attention. 

A Potent Antioxidant

Step aside green tea. Stand down cocoa. Coffee is a superstar in this arena.

With more than 1000 antioxidants identified in unprocessed coffee beans, our morning brew offers amazing benefits. These include anti-inflammatory properties, neutralising free radicals and helping to prevent cardiovascular disease.

What a Workout!

A moderate amount of coffee (less than five cups per day) can boost your workout performance. Caffeine has been shown to strengthen muscle contractions, reduce pain perception and increase fatty acids in the blood – all of which makes for a pretty potent workout… if that’s your thing. 

Down With Depression

While the jury is still out on how this works, researchers have seen a link between coffee drinkers and a lower risk of depression.

And frankly, if you’re in university and you’re looking at your study timetable – depression and anxiety are likely bedfellows. 

So, there you have it, five great reasons why coffee at college is a great thing.