Capetown Student Accomodation

3 Ways to Handle Hostel Negativity

When we’re suddenly living in close quarters with strangers, we appreciate that it my take some time to get to know what they’re all about. But what if we find ourselves sharing a room with a pessimist? Hostel negativity is a real thing, and it’s worth preparing ourselves mentally and emotionally to deal with it.

Whether we’re living on campus or have private student accommodation, it’s likely we will be sharing a room with one or more people. Most students are pretty easy to get along with once you know a little about them, but there are those who are, well, not.

Pessimism or negativity comes in many shades. We probably all know someone who has a problem for every solution, somebody who sucks the joy out of any situation, who derides others and seems to carry with them a dark cloud of misery and gloom.

People like this are toxic.

They will almost certainly affect you if you spend any time with them – but what if you live with them and see them every day?

How to Deal With Hostel Negativity

Protect Your Time

Whether they’re in the room with you, or their derisive comments are still lingering long after they have departed, negative people can be a black hole of time for you. You dread the time spent with them, perhaps worrying about it before it even happens, and then spend hours discussing how revolting they are with other friends.

Don’t give them your time.

If they’re in your space and there’s nothing you can do about it, then try to make each encounter as pleasant as possible. When they’re not around, don’t bring them into the conversation and bring yourself down.

This leads us to our next coping tool…

Choose Your Thoughts

Only you are in control of how you feel and what you think about. Yes, a negative person can sap our motivation and dampen our mood, but they don’t have to.

When you realise that their effect on you is long lasting and can actually affect your mental and physical health, then you’ll see the importance of making a conscious effort to remain positive. Focus on the good, be grateful, be happy.

It’ll come naturally to you after a while.

Look For Happy People

A great way of diluting the effect of negative people is by increasing the number of positive, upbeat people in your space.

Surrounding yourself with positive people will balance out the doom and gloom that Mr Negative brings to the table.

Once you’ve decided that you are choosing happiness, joy and positivity, nothing can stop you. Go out and find positive people and let them rub off on you.

Who knows, maybe you can turn a pessimist into an optimist like you!