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3 Ways to Ensure You Are Getting Enough Sleep

It’s a bit too late to realize you’re not getting enough sleep when you see your grades dropping or you’re falling asleep in lectures. The added stress of trying to catch up will in itself cause you sleep difficulty.

Much as we wish we were wiser, sleep is probably the last thing you pay attention to. But it shouldn’t be.  Adequate sleep is essential to mental, emotional, and physical health. When you mess with the sleep your body needs, your moods will deteriorate. Your ability to concentrate falls to zero. You’re well on your way to becoming a nervous wreck.

Statistics have shown that getting enough sleep reduces your risk of contracting Covid-19 by up to 33%. Do we have your attention now?

Three Simple Tips to Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep could make the difference between a great year and failure. Today’s uncertainties alone are resulting in disturbed sleep for many. But you don’t have to allow external circumstances to impact restorative sleep.

  1. Sun & Exercise – Okay so this is a two-in-one tip but they often work hand in hand. Jogging or walking out in the sunshine is ‘killing two birds with one stone’. Letting natural light into your eyes is a silent cue to your body’s functioning. In your body, light means being awake, alert, alive, and enthusiastic. Darkness brings on melatonin, or what they call the ‘sleepy hormone’. So, play the game for which our bodies were made and you won’t fail your grades because you aren’t getting enough sleep.

Extra-hot tip: This is something you ought to know that nobody told you:

Exercise needs to happen before 7 am and between 1-4 pm. Anything after that will delay peak performance the next day

  1. Cut screen Time – The ‘blue light’ that streams into your body through our eyes from your electronic devices plays havoc with what scientists call your circadian body clock. When your circadian or sleep-wake-cycle is out of whack, you may think you’re functional but you are actually operating way below your true capacity. Set yourself a cut-off time from the screen. Listening to music or having something read to you while your screen is black or you turn it onto its face helps you drift off.
  2. Natural Supplements – we’re not talking sleeping pills here – those are pure bad news. But organic products exist that are packed with plant-based calcium and complementary nutrients that your body readily absorbs. Taken at night, they work their magic while you sleep so that you rest well and wake up feeling wonderful.

Finally, drop caffeine in any form after lunchtime and find ways to still your monkey-mind antics at night that don’t involve your cellphone. Support your body function in smart ways because that’s something you can and should do because getting enough sleep is no one else’s business.