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3 Tips to Getting Organised in University

For many university students, it may seem as if there aren’t enough hours in the day and not enough days before the deadline. You know that getting organised can make your life easier and maybe give you a little time to sit back and relax for those extra five minutes.

But where do we start?

Simple organisational tips to get you started


  1. The first tip to getting organised is to keep track of deadlines. Unfortunately, putting a reminder for the night before just won’t cut it. Writing tasks out on a calendar or in a study diary can help you see your looming deadlines and better prepare you for the week or month ahead. 

Getting everything down in writing can seem daunting, but it is one step closer to getting organised.

  1. Another great idea which could help you to beat the varsity blues is writing to-do lists. 


Breaking down what you have to do and then ticking it off as you complete each task can help take the burden that is university off your shoulders. It would make things even easier if you were to break down each task into smaller, bite-sized tasks and reward yourself with chocolate after each section. (It works, don’t knock it!)


This serves to show your poor, overworked brain that the task isn’t as complex as you may have originally thought. (Whew!)


  1. Lastly, develop a routine


Having a routine can be a bit of an uncomfortable change to what you’re used to, but it helps a lot in the long run. Some may think of this as far too much ‘adulting’ and creating a rigid environment which is totally not what you had planned for university. But trust the system – once you have a decent routine in place, your life will suddenly make sense. 


Following this routine will help with regulating sleep patterns, enable you to finish tasks before the assigned deadline and maybe even give you more free time.

University can be stressful and anxiety-inducing if it’s not managed properly. 

Following these three tips could really change your university experience for the better. You won’t be as stressed, and you’ll create more time to build lasting relationships with your fellow peers and have some fun at the same time.