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3 Natural Disinfectants for Your Student Room

For some – okay – most of us, cleaning is a chore that we’d rather not do. And it doesn’t help that some cleaning products are just an extra expense that we can do without.

Whilst using natural disinfectants won’t make cleaning more entertaining, it will save you from spending money on cleaning products. Additionally, it goes a long way towards creating a chemical-free living space.

Here are a few ideas that are great for your student digs and even better for your pocket.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Despite the name sounding rather scientific, hydrogen peroxide isn’t that difficult to come by and you can pick up a bottle at your local drugstore.

This is one of the more useful natural disinfectants as it can be used to remove bacteria and break down viruses and fungi. You can use it for minor cuts as an antiseptic and it can even be used to get rid of stains from fabrics. Be careful as it can lift colour, similar to bleach, and ruin sofas or clothing items.

Be careful though – this is a strong product and must be used with caution. Always read the instructions before using it!


Yes, lemons are one of the most natural disinfectants available. You can grab a few when you’re doing grocery shopping or you can even grow them yourself if you possess a green thumb.

As an added bonus, they leave behind that fresh citrussy smell. These fruits are highly acidic and can be used to clean most surfaces, such as kitchen countertops. You can cut a lemon in half and just use it directly on kitchen or bathroom taps and cooking pots. And, if needed, you can mix it with vinegar and put it into a bottle to create a natural disinfectant spray.


Alcohol can be considered a natural disinfectant. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to go into your secret stash and clean the house with it.

Alcoholic drinks, such as vodka, aren’t strong enough anyway. The alcohol you’d need would have to be 70% or higher. Examples of this would be ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. These can be mixed with aloe vera to make a sanitiser that kills bacteria. But if you really want to use your vodka or gin, these can be used to sterilise clothing or shoes.

These natural disinfectants don’t make you rush to your kitchen to see what you can clean, but hopefully, these products could save you a penny or two when it comes to having your student space clean and fresh.