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3 Exciting Benefits of Internships

Well, that is pretty much what many internships are in a nutshell. But – and this is important – they offer some key benefits. Aside from understanding the business from the ground up, proving yourself a willing worker, and being prepared to put yourself out there, we’ve listed three of the main advantages of internships.

Here’s what we know.

Internships Unpacked

One of the main and probably most obvious benefits of internships is that you gain experience in your field of interest. You get to work with a bunch of people in different areas of the business, try new things and learn valuable skills. This can also be a good opportunity to see what kind of job you want and which jobs don’t appeal to you. Accepting an internship may also give you the “in” that you need to prove yourself to a company that you really want to work for.

Another benefit of an internship would be that you can get first hand experience in a work environment. School and varsity are one thing, but the real world work place is another beast entirely.

The great thing is that you get to work under people who have worked at the company for many years and who know what they’re doing. You can see how specific tasks are done, inside secrets, and tips which you could use later on. Even if you don’t end up working at that company, the skills you’ve learned could be used elsewhere.

Probably one of the most substantial benefits of internships would be that they help you build confidence. Most grads are full of information but low on self-esteem, and starting a new job can be incredibly daunting.

Whether it’s speaking in public, expressing your ideas or even asking questions when you don’t understand something, building confidence is key to almost any career. It also helps you to learn how to communicate with your peers in a work environment.

These are only a few of the benefits of taking an internship. Whether you intern at a company for 3 months or a year, the skills you learn will help you in your future business endeavours.